Historic Miner’s Plaza

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A design collaboration with Blu Line Designs (Sandy, UT), renovation of this 4,000 square foot public outdoor space located in the heart of Park City’s Historic Main Street is an important project for the residents and tourism industry.  It is one of only a few places of respite along the busy commercial street, and residents consider it to be the public “living room” for the area.  One conceptual design under consideration for further development is to bring the existing restrooms forward in the space within a timber clad outbuilding with roof deck above.  By pulling this building away from the historic brick structure to the south, circulation to the restrooms is separated from the main plaza within a lit corridor with green roof above.  Access and safety are greatly improved, and the building itself provides a dramatic backdrop to the relocated miner statue, an icon for the project.  By providing steps, planter elements, and a shallow ramp adjacent to the sidewalk, the main plaza is then graded into one level plane suited for lawn seating or small events that require temporary tents.


Beyond the restrooms, a series of terraces provides informal seating whose scale is comfortable for individual use, small groups, or larger audiences attending a performance on the elevated stage across the space.  When not in use for an event, the stage may have tables and chairs for outdoor dining.  Along the plaza’s north edge and best sun exposure, wood-clad lounges can slide along rails—a subtle reference to the plaza theme.  In a nod to mining heritage, materials such as timber, corten steel, and rubble-filled gabion cages mix with concrete, glass, and pavers to produce a rich and tactile palette.  Lighting strategies will highlight the textures and colors, so surfaces are both engaging to the touch and visually dramatic at night.  The overall design concept for this project maximizes the usable area in variety of opportunities for seating, gathering, and viewing.  This project is currently in design, but holding until renovations to the nearby Brew Pub Plaza are finalized.  Construction is scheduled for Spring 2018.

Category Civic, In Progress


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