Utah has always been home to Dwight, despite a decade of globe-trotting.  After high school, Dwight attended Carnegie Mellon University. There he met Eric who, two years older and two years wiser, was quick to point out – the first time they ever met no less – that a project Dwight and his classmates were working on would likely fall over.  After completing both his professional degree in Architecture and a Bachelor’s Degree in English, he moved across the Atlantic to pursue a Master’s Degree at the Bartlett School at University College London.  A year later, better dressed and pockets emptied, he returned to the US, finding work in New York City.  There, he worked on a range of projects that taught him the importance of creativity and material exploration, particularly with limited budgets.

Since returning to Salt Lake, Dwight has split his time between design-build work and teaching at the School of Architecture at the University of Utah.  In both he has explored the relationship between design and construction, focusing on craft, execution, and an innovative use of materials.  It is his hope that his work, and the work of his students, will reflect an excitement and joy in thinking about how things go together.  Dwight is a licensed architect in Utah and a LEED Accredited Professional.

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