5th Avenue Residence


This renovation to an existing Victorian home in the Avenues district of Salt Lake City required some creative space planning. The home, which had two additions over the course of the past 100 years, created large family spaces, but relegated the kitchen to a small area at the back of the house. The homeowners, in need of a kitchen area that they could both cook and gather in, were looking for something that was more appropriately proportioned to the rest of their home. Realizing the an existing den was underused, we proposed relocating the kitchen, and connecting it to the existing dining area. This not only increased the size of the kitchen, but made it a central space within the home. The existing kitchen became a dedicated mudroom, with space for a small home office and dedicated lockers for storage. An existing bathroom was reconfigured, but kept to serve the adjacent outdoor pool. The additional space created by the revised bathroom plan allowed us to create a large walk-in pantry, doubling the existing storage. To maintain the character of the home, existing doors and mouldings were either salvaged and moved or replicated. The final space provides the owners with a new space that provides up-to-date amenities while reinforcing the qualities of the home that they first fell in love with.

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