Oakview Drive Residence


This kitchen renovation, inside a classic mid-century residence, addresses functional and aesthetic issues created by a previous renovation. Seeking to restore principle ideas inherent to mid-century design, this new kitchen is composed as a series of interlocking furniture elements. This allows for circulation around the cabinetry and detaches the cabinetry from the exterior wall, re-establishing an uninterrupted plane of glass. Clean, flat-faced, high-gloss cabinetry is finished in contrasting colors, highlighting the individual forms, while a white toe-kick pulls from the floor tile, creating a floating effect.

Category Residential


  • View from Living Room 3
  • View From Living Room
  • View from Living Room 2
  • Refrigerator Wall
  • Sitting Area
  • Detail
  • Detail
  • Overview
  • View from Living Room
  • View from Entrance
  • View from Dining Room

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