Lower Park Avenue Housing Studio


In July of 2015, Firm Partner Eric Egenolf participated in a design charrette convened by the Park City Municipal Corporation to develop a conceptual master plan and solutions for affordable housing and transportation/parking solutions on city-owned property within the Lower Park Avenue Development Area.  As a sub-team, Eric and Cory Shupe (Blu Line Designs) specifically looked at the field adjacent to the Park City Library, an important public amenity for the residents of this community.  Cory and Eric developed four approaches that preserved and enhanced use of the field as a front yard for the library and axis for east-west pedestrian connections.  A variety of housing options largely skirted the perimeter of the field or infilled between existing single family residences within the block.  Parking that could serve both the library and residences was proposed either beneath the field (a major infrastructure project) or in a multi-level garage sited within the footprint of existing surface lots.  Some proposals suggested relocation of the existing senior/community center to this site as a complementary function.  Others featured a pedestrian promenade that would connect Woodside Avenue through the site as a venue for multi-generational interaction.  Study of this site and the other city properties in the redevelopment area formed the basis for further community engagement and the program for city requests for proposal.

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