St. Charles ID Residence


This new construction vacation home is situated on beautiful lakefront property in St. Charles, Idaho.  Its massing was derived from careful study and interpretation of the barns and outbuildings located on the family’s nearby farm.  Clad in vertical board and batten, the main volume houses a two-car garage, service core, and great room reaching out to the western views.  The sleeping wing lays perpendicular, its length accentuated by horizontal siding.  The two volumes are connected by a lowered glazed entry, intended to disengage and highlight the home’s simple forms.  A shallow indent at the southwest corner of the main living space creates a glazed corner that opens the interior to the west and south patios.

Category Residential


  • 02-entry-view
  • 03-entry-2
  • 04-entry
  • 05-entry-3
  • 06-deck-1
  • 06a-rear-view-4
  • 06ab-rear
  • 06b-rear-evening-1
  • 06c-rear-evening-2
  • 06d-rear-evening-3
  • 06e-rear-evening-4
  • 07-great-room-6
  • 08-great-room-1
  • 09-great-room-2
  • 10-great-room-7
  • 11-great-room-5
  • 12-great-room-3
  • 13-great-room-4
  • 14-great-room-8
  • 15-hall-1
  • 16-bath-1
  • 22-rear-view-1
  • 23-rear-view-2

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