Transforming the Bridge


Transforming Cleveland’s Detroit-Superior Bridge lower level into dedicated space for artistic exhibition, social and commercial interaction, and personal transit is an opportunity to re-invent the public’s physical relationship with the bridge and create an icon of adaptive re-use and revitalization.

Installation of repeated S-shaped steel frames within the existing bridge sections provides structure for exterior perforated metal skins and interior wood decks, defining and connecting space OVER, UNDER, and THROUGH the lower level. The existing pedestrian walkway on the upper level  is re-purposed as a dedicated west-bound bikeway.  Hanging adjacent to the south side, a new bikeway provides dedicated space to east-bound traffic. Finally, a new platform spans across the lower level – a main concourse that provides the public with space for recreation, relaxation and gathering. The elevated deck allows for new utilities to be routed to amenities as needed, and can be rearranged depending on the evolution of the Bridge.

Category Competition


  • South Exterior
  • North Exterior
  • Right Board
  • Left Board
  • Pedestrian Deck
  • Lower Bike Deck
  • Section Perspective

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